Challenge My Brain 

Tailor-made ideas for innovations and new business models


Your situation

You have a big heart, a lot of courage and go your very own way?
You lead your company into the future with your own personal dreams and visions?

You look for concrete innovation ideas for a new business area for your company?


The idea challenge

You submit a challenge - I deliver ideas for innovations and new business models that are tailored to you and your company.


Customer quotes

"This is fantastic and worth gold!"

"I love your ideas - what beautiful thoughts!"

"Honestly - I can not decide!"

"I think all ideas are awesome - how great is that ?!"

"Challenge My Brain by Anna Tollmien immediately caught my interest."


"I was impressed how quickly Anna was able to think into our business model."

"There was nothing that did not suit us."

"The focus on fast implementation makes the whole project even more valuable, because we can achieve success quickly. This motivates the whole team. "


"All in all, I am very satisfied with the outcome of the challenge."

"I thank Anna for the great collaboration, I fully recommend Challenge My Brain and will certainly be launching a new challenge next year."

Anna, that was awesome!

This is Anna's highlight.

There is no idea that I do not like.

The special thing is that the ideas cover all levels“ at the same time. Everything from the environment under consideration is taken into account and thought into the future (e.g. customers, companies, location, other products and services, ...). 

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About me

I am Anna Tollmien. I am an industrial engineer and have been working in the Front End of Innovation for 15 years.

Early on I have known that I want to develop business ideas for others. Over time, I have understood that it is a vocation. People love my ideas in different areas of professional and private life.

My strength is creativity based on networked thinking, especially the transfer of contexts. I can easily understand individual situations and environments. The optimal background for creativity is my flexible working environment, my family and my two labradors.


Values and cooperation

My clients appreciate me for my honest and profound interest in them and in their situation. 

They appreciate that they can rely on me and trust me without limitations. 

They are happy to discuss opportunities rather than problems. This awakens their entrepreneurial spirit.

I have already had speechless and deeply touched customers. However, also the exact opposite can be the case. 

What makes it successful is that we share the same mindset

Tafel Zeichnungen

My five values for a good cooperation are: 

1. Empathy and valuation

2. Openness and honesty

3. Authenticity

4. Striving for good

5. Humor and ease

If you identify yourself with this, you are exactly right here!


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