Brainfields provide the framework to create ideas for innovation and new business areas.

You can use the brainfields to create ideas, or send me a challenge to deliver ideas. Maybe you also have your own brainfield or you want to search in all directions.

Brainfield #1

Boost your products and services

  • How can your products and services find out on their own that they are needed by the customer?


  • How can your products and services get self-learning and self-optimizing?

  • How can your products install and maintain themselves?

  • How can additional services be booked automatically with the approval of the customer?

Brainfield #2

Market your best sides

  • Which know-how of your company can be marketed as a consulting service?

  • Which assets with value for others do you have? For example, office/retail space, attractive location, ...

  • Which resources of your company can also get active for other companies?

Brainfield #3 

Make the world better

  • Which aspects of your products and services are most valuable and how can you make these aspects more sustainable?

  • What can you leave off, which does not contribute essential to the value and is not sustainable? 

  • How can your products and services be transferred to markets that emerge or grow particularly fast through sustainable action?

  • What can you do for social startups and how can you learn from them?

Brainfield #4 

Make something small with great effect

  • What is unusual for your industry, but fits in well with your business?

  • With which small but highly innovative measures can you surprise your customers and clearly exceed their expectations? 

  • How can you conquer a multitude of new customers or a new market segment by making slight adjustments to your business model?

Brainfield #5 

Offer other types of payment and usage

  • Can you rent instead of sell?

  • Can you offer a pay-per-use model?

  • Can you vary the price depending on the level of customer benefit of your product or service?

Brainfield #6 

Grow with future markets

  • Which future markets are best suited to what you offer today? 

  • Where in these markets is something similar needed to what you offer today? 

  • With whom can you talk to explore concrete potential?

  • Which new products and services can you offer to the future markets?

Brainfield #7 

Mix existing concepts to get something new

  • Which already existing offers / topics are very different, but meet the same core or the same target group?

  • Which existing offer can be completely refreshed by a mix with something very different?

  • How can existing "mix concepts" (for example, mixture of tastes and music styles) be transferred to your business?​

Brainfield #8 

Start with your employees

  • Who in your team is often coming up with new ideas?

  • In which topic do his / her competences and interests overlap with customer demands and company interests?

  • What ideas does he / she have in this topic and how can he / she be involved in the development and implementation?

Brainfield #9

Make more out of inquiries

  • Has your company been asked for something that you have not yet offered in that form?

  • Has your company been asked to engage in a specific context?

  • Can your company make more out of it, beyond the requested context?   

Brainfield #10

Change the parameters of your business model

  • How do your products and services change when you change the channels of your business model? For example, if you offer something digital that is offered analog today?

  • How do your products and services change when you change or expand the group of target customers?

  • What happens if you change other parameters of your business model, such as offering something existing with completely new partners?