Detailed report: Hansgrohe

This detailed report was written by Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation at Hansgrohe.

The start

Hansgrohe creates beautiful and sustainable water experiences. Since 1901, Hansgrohe has been developing products that make life more beautiful and comfortable. Started as a family business, today we are an internationally active corporation.

Then and now, the person is the center of our focus – be it customer, business partner, or employee. We have a feel for tomorrow’s requirements and are shaping the future.

Innovation is the basis for Hansgrohe's success. In order to live the pioneering spirit and continuously create new water experiences, Hansgrohe has founded its own Innolab.

As part of the innovation activities, a trend radar was created in 2018 and six innovation search fields were defined.


Experience has shown that the innovation search fields were too large to start innovation projects. The InnoLab therefore regularly derives concrete innovation challenges from the innovation search fields.


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The challenge


Innovation Challenges should describe a need for action or an acute problem that is large enough to be solved. They should also strategically fit in with Hansgrohe.


It was important for us to get an external perspective to see if we have "blind spots".


The difficulty is that the Innovation Challenges do not already represent innovation ideas. The Innovation Challenges should be based on "irritations" and trends. 


The Innovation Challenges were developed from three perspectives: From the perspective of Trendone, from the perspective of Anna with Challenge My Brain and from the perspective of Hansgrohe.


The two external perspectives were developed independently of each other prior to the workshop. The Hansgrohe perspective was developed in the workshop and compared with the external perspectives.


The result

Compared to Trendone's perspective, which provided the view on the trends, Anna provided the view on the business model with Challenge My Brain.

Anna's 20 Innovation Challenges covered new markets and application areas, new benefits, new business requirements and new solution principles.


Anna's perspective matches and complements Hansgrohe's perspective, especially for the most relevant Innovation Challenges. The main fields relevant for the Innovation Challenges overlapped.


At the end of the day, very precise Innovation Challenges have been identified, all of which could be classified into existing innovation horizons from incremental to breakthrough innovations.


For us, it was an additional quality check from outside, with the feeling of being on the right track and close to the market.

translated from the original version, 

original version by 

Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation, Hansgrohe SE

written in November 2020