Detailed report: Lokaldesign

This detailed report was written by Katharina Roedelius from Lokaldesign about the cooperation with me in the context of a challenge. This project was very unique and meant a lot to me as well. I am happy about the positive feedback.

Photo: Lokaldesign

The start

I am the founder of Lokaldesign. We distribute furniture, home accessories and special gift ideas from independent design studios and labels. The centerpiece is our concept store in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, but of course we're also trying to break into the digital world.

As an owner-managed, stationary trading business, we are facing the latest developments in retail. That's why we put a lot of effort into further developing our business model,

both stationary and digital, in order to create outstanding shopping experiences for the customer and provide him with the required digital information.

As I have a consulting background myself, I know how important it is not to rely exclusively on my own experience and try to get external opinions on a regular basis and always try something new in this area.

The challenge

In this context, I came across Challenge My Brain and it immediately caught my interest. The following questions were important for us within the challenge: Which further basis can we build up in the digital area? How do we have to position ourselves in the future in order to stand out as an owner-managed trading business and set ourselves apart from online platforms?


I was impressed how quickly Anna could think into our very special business model. We are driven by the sharing of passions. Not just the passion for designer furniture, but rather the passion for outstanding craftsmanship, the best materials, fair cooperation, dealing at eye level between all parties, emotional ties to products, working under "new work" approaches etc.

In this context, I was surprised that we were already sitting together a week after the challenge start and could discuss ideas page by page. These were in the first step broad-minded and showed potential directions for further business development. In our case, these were not just ideas for digitization, but also for connecting the digital with the offline world. These ideas were briefly described. There was nothing that did not suit us. Often, consultants always steer towards the same metrics. Not Anna. She obviously understood exactly what I was talking about when it came to business management. In the next step, we evaluated the ideas based on a star ranking. In addition, Anna has documented my thoughts on every point.

I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of the conversation – there was enough time to capture thoughts. The meeting was scheduled for two hours, but it quickly became clear that the broad base of ideas gave much more discussion. And I want to mention positively that there was never a critical look at the clock. We had enough space to discuss and complete ideas without time pressure.

Two weeks later, Anna had worked out a detailed concept on this basis. This structured the considerations on needs and solutions per target group and contained detailed ideas for the online / shop areas as well as an overall online / shop concept.

Photo: Lokaldesign

The result

This concept was prepared in a way that we can actually start to implement it very quickly, in order to quickly monetize some of the ideas. Other ideas have been marked for further processing in order to detail these so that we can implement them in further steps. But the focus on quickly realizable steps makes the whole project even more valuable, because we can quickly achieve success. This motivates the entire team to approach larger projects that will certainly take time.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the outcome of the challenge! We are already implementing some of the ideas and we will certainly be busy for a year to approach all ideas. I am very curious to see how Lokaldesign develops over the next twelve months.

I thank Anna for the great cooperation, I recommend Challenge My Brain without any restrictions and I am sure I will be launching a new challenge next year!

translated from the original version, 

original version by Katharina Roedelius

written in April 2019

©2020 by Anna Tollmien