Detailed report: Vaeter gGmbH

This detailed report was written by Volker Baisch, Founder and CEO, Vaeter gGmbH.

Vater Sohn

The start

With his passion for the interests of fathers, Volker Baisch has created a social business with pioneering character.


With its vision of a more family-friendly economy, Vaeter gGmbH inspires many fathers, but also companies, to rethink.

Vaeter gGmbH not only rethinks fatherhood in family, partnership and business, but also transforms it.

During the Corona pandemic, the company's business environment has changed significantly. The pandemic and the accompanying social and economic changes had an enormous impact on the corporate customers in the fathers network, on the fathers and families and on Vaeter gGmbH as a company and service provider.

The objective was to review the many impressions and developments, to structure the effects and to set the focus for the future.


The reflection talk


During the introduction on the phone, my impression was confirmed that Anna was deeply interested in our situation and wanted to contribute to our activities. 


Together we determined the procedure and the focus for the reflection talk. 

Anna studied our business intensively, reading and listening to everything she could find. She sent me a few individual questions in advance, which resulted from her research. These questions allowed me to prepare myself mentally for the reflection talk. 

The reflection talk took place in summer 2020 - an ideal time for a walk. So at the beginning of the conversation we walked for about an hour through the Hamburg Volkspark to reflect. Anna listened and asked specific questions. It was remarkable how well she was able to put herself into the context. We came back to the questions from the preparation at the appropriate times. 

After the walk we structured the thoughts. Anna had brought a working template which we used. We described the optimal future of the business environment, set the focus and derived the essential tasks


The result

We described the future focus along the fields customer environment, network environment, Vaeter gGmbH and fathers' platform.

We defined the orientation of the fathers' platform and established the framework for the target group, the offers and the structure.

We derived the essential tasks from this. 

Anna then documented the results in a visually clear and structured format. This allowed me to let others participate in the process and the results. It was surprising that we received a processed visual that we could continue working with.

It is very valuable that we have made the reflection talk. The solution with the walk was optimal - the change between outside and inside was good. After the conversation it was clear to me what I was concentrating on and who I was going to talk to next. The motivation was high. 

I would recommend Anna immediately. The conversation has resulted in a valuable collaboration on which we can now build further. 

translated from the original version, 

original version by 

Volker Baisch, Founder and CEO, Vaeter gGmbH

written in November 2020