Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the added value of the idea supply?

Especially for completely new ideas, for example for new business models, it helps to take a different perspective and bring in information from other areas. It also makes sense to supply ideas when the daily business demands so much attention that the distance and calm required for creativity is difficult to maintain or when there is no time to deal with new impulses.

What is it that makes the quality of your ideas? 

As can be seen from the customer quotes, the ideas cover different levels simultaneously (e.g. customer environment, business environment, spatial environment, other products and services). Thus, the ideas are very individual and precisely tailored to the respective challenge. The customer quotes also show that I am able to quickly think into the business model of the company and into the initial situation of the client. 

How can you deliver good ideas if you are neither from the industry nor from the company?

Ideas that are very close to the core business, for example process improvements, are better coming from the company. With very novel ideas, for example, disruptive business model ideas, it is advantageous to have a cross-sector view from outside. My work is designed to constantly gather new impulses and inspiration. These flow into new ideas. 


What methodology do you use for idea generation? 

In most cases it is about taking something that already exists and transferring it into a new world. The ideas are an intelligent combination of information from the existing and the new world. The procedure consists of the "loud phase" and the "quiet phase". In the loud phase all relevant information is collected, the question is clarified and explored. In the quiet phase, the information is linked through distance and calm in the subconscious. I continuously write down the resulting ideas. Afterwards they are sorted and formulated thematically. The procedure of an entire idea challenge is described here.

How can I convince my colleagues of external ideas?

The really good ideas do not only solve the challenges of the customers, but also those of the company. A very important aspect in the communication of the ideas is the activation of the imagination. When the person to be convinced clearly feels the benefits, the first major step is done.

Do you also offer individual solutions and pricing models?

Individual solutions are always possible. For example, in case of special budget requirements, prescribed decision-making processes or individual consulting needs. For questions that go beyond the generation of ideas, invoicing on a daily rate is also possible. 

Can you help us to implement the ideas? 

I will gladly help you with the seamless transition to implementation. Either with the direct contact to an external partner or when it is about the implementation internally in your company.