The idea challenge

You submit a challenge - I deliver ideas for innovations and new business models that are tailored to you and your company.

Idea challenge



You wish to get innovation ideas on a specific topic? For example, your company should become more digital or sustainable?


You have been wanting to establish a new business area for your company for a long time, but you are too involved in your daily business?

You want to be surprised about the innovation potential that someone with a neutral view from outside sees for you?


You describe your challenge, for example in which future market you are looking for ideas.

I let you know if I accept the challenge. We define which requirements the ideas should fulfill.


I provide you with a variety of rough ideas that span the space of possibilities. I explain them to you in a personal phone call. You decide which topics you would like to deepen and bring in your own ideas.


Based on your feedback, I refine the ideas. I send you the final version and explain it to you in a personal phone call.


The first result is the variety of rough ideas that span the space of possibilities, each with a short definition. 

The second result is a detailed description of ideas that we have selected for further elaboration. The description contains the target group, the benefits, concrete implementation possibilities and a proposal for the next steps.

I explain both results to you in a personal phone call each. 


The price for the idea challenge is 6.000 € plus value added tax.

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