In the reflection talk we reflect the last months and set the focus for the coming months.


You have a lot of ideas or are in the process of implementing them.


In your daily business you are faced with many challenges and activities. You want to focus on what is important. 

You want to reflect the last months and set the focus for the coming months.

You want a sparring partner who understands you, who asks the right questions and who provides a structured framework from outside.


The pre-coordination serves to get to know each other and to clarify questions. We determine the thematic focus for the reflection talk.  


Before the reflection talk I send you individual questions so that you can prepare yourself mentally.


In the first part of the reflection talk, you tell me how your business has developed over the past months. I ask questions and listen to you. If possible, we reflect during a walk.

Then we structure your thoughts and set the focus for the next months. Based on the focus topics we prioritize your main tasks for the next months according to importance and urgency. I provide a structure for this that we can adapt at any time.


The result is the documentation of your focus topics.

Based on your focus topics you receive an overview of your main tasks for the next months. The tasks are prioritized according to importance and urgency.


The price for the reflection talk is 380 €, plus value added tax


The reflection talk takes 2-3 hours in total.


It takes place in Hamburg or the surrounding area.

On request, the extension to a reflection workshop is possible, for example for a management circle. The price will be calculated according to time and effort.

In addition, the combination with an idea challenge is possible.

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