Use cases are concrete application examples for Challenge My Brain.

You can choose a suitable use case for you or submit an individual challenge

Idea Boost

You have conducted an idea workshop and are not sure whether the results have reached their full potential. You submit your briefing of the workshop, optionally with the results, as a challenge. I enrich your ideas from an external perspective.


Exemplary Ideas

You are working on a document and would like to use exemplary ideas. You do not have good examples in mind that would convince readers at first glance, and you will not have time to think of it. You give me the context of the examples as a challenge.


Independent Check

You would like to have an independent opinion on how your company is perceived externally and what ideas someone external would bring from the outside. You submit a challenge in which you describe this question.


Innovation Field Exploration

You want to explore a specific innovation field (for example, one of the Brainfields) and generate innovation ideas within it. You submit your previous findings on the innovation field in the context of a challenge.


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